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This project is not just and easy plug and play -kind of a deal. As all panels were upholstered their fitment back to the car became an issue. All of the panels became larger in every direction.

On positive side this greatly reduces original panel fitment problems which cause the squeaking. On the other hand it was very difficult to refit some of the panels back to their places. This meant that I had to hand grind many pieces smaller before refitting them. In the end I grinded, test fitted and grinded again for countless times before everything fitted perfectly.

Also the audio system was build simultaneously with the rest of the interior. We fitted 8" subs to rear speaker boxes and a 5 1/4" separates to front custom boxes. The subs are fed by a digital amp and fronts by the HU. The HU plays MP3's from DVD so I can basically play 1 disk for weeks without hearing the same song twice.

I am very pleased about the sound insulation. Now its possible to have a conversation without having to yell. Also door close with positive "thump" instead of the bucket of nails -sound it made earlier. Tire noice is virtually gone as are the squeaks! We used bitume on floors, original style insulation under carpets and foam and Dynamat in doors.

Big thanks to Janne for all his help. Without him I would probably still be fitting the parts. Also thank you for all other people who helped and encouraged me during the project!

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