The great interior redo of 2006

During winter of 05-06 I made the decision to finally upgrade my interior.

I never liked factory Vette interior much. Its very plasticky and quite poorly finished. Panels don't fit very well and often squek horribly when driving. Also US style of colors schemes are rarely appreciated in European eyes.

I started thinking what it is that I am after? First of all tastefull materials and colors. Secondly I want to get rid of that cheap plastic look and feeling. I am used to seeing higher class of european cars and what I want is to get as close as possible to that feeling. Solid panels and higher standard of materials.

I talked to a professional interior upholsterer who made a good offer for me to cover the whole interior with leather in European style. We talked about options and finally reached a concensus on the style, materials and colors.

Most of the panels would be covered with finest automotive leather. Some of the panels in high wear areas would be covered with genuine Alcantara which has superior wear resistant properties. Color shceme would be black leather/alcantara with grey stiching for contrast.

The project took place in summer of 2006 and took total of 8 weeks of hard work.

We used ample quantities of sound insulation materials to achieve that solid panel feeling and the leather covering also helped on that aspect.

In the end I am very pleased with the results.

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