Crash of 2007

On 2nd of july, 2007 I was hit by a truck to my front right corner. The driver ignored all traffic rules and just rammed me. When cops arrived he was forced to admit his guilty to the accident.

Luckily the damage was not so bad, front bumper cover and the hood are the worst. Ofcourse lots of small bits like front corner light, bumper supports etc etc. I was nicely compensated by his insurance company and I decided to fix the car myself.

Getting parts proved much more time comsuming than expected and the whole summer and autumn went while waiting them to arrive. Infact last bits orderd in july arrived in late october. Well the weather in here nordic has turned worse and I decided to continue the project when spring arrives.

As I am dismantling so much already I also decided to get the whole car repainted. This warrants even more dismantling as I want it to be done correctly . The new color will be some shade of silver, maybe a bit darker than the usual bright silver.

Here is some of the aftermath photos + dismantling pictures.

30-09-2009: still in parts but not forgotten.

First time running this year.

Still runs like a champ!

Closed loop, warm engine.
Exhaust ends at the CAT so no rear-Y or mufflers.

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